ColungaHUB is a space that supports the development and maturation of civil society organizations that lead initiatives in the line of overcoming poverty. 

This collaborative learning platform is located in the municipality of Providencia, and has 2,500 square meters which are, along with Fundación Colunga, 48 civil society organizations with more than 330 people working to overcome poverty in Chile and the region. In its facilities, the encounter, the debate and the articulation between diverse actors of the civil society, the academy, the public sector occur day by day and private. In this way, it connects the organizations with each other and promotes the meeting and exchange of knowledge and good practices among the entities of the network, detonating the collective impact on issues of national and regional interest.

During 2018, more than 460 open activities were held to generate a vigorous, active and learning community, with a clear focus on strengthening collaborative work. The average flow of people who visited the HUB monthly, was about 1,200 attendees, reaching 15,000 during 2018.

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