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Teaching Impulse

Work area: Quality of education
Type of support: Ex ColungaHUB, Strengthening Fund, Innovators Fund, Project in execution
Draft: Promoting a cultural change from the classroom (2017) | Mentors for Chile (2019 - 2021)
Year of support: 2017 - 2021

The project Promoting a cultural change from the classroom, supported by the 2017 Innovative Fund of Colunga, aims to establish communities of practice in schools in Chile - where managers observe and feed back effectively and teachers practice and improve based on evidence - able to favor a learning environment where Respect and collaboration prevail.

In this way, favors professional teacher development, from the first days of exercise, in a permanent and contextualized. Impulso docente focuses on continuous improvement, so that more and more rooms where professors reaffirm their vocation and develop the maximum potential of their students.

While the project Mentors for Chile, winner of the 2018 Colunga Strengthening Fund, will be responsible for the mentor deficit for the implementation of the National Induction System. This system seeks for each novice teacher to have a more experienced teacher at his / her school to accompany him during his / her first year. 

With this project, Impulso Docente will make the adjustments of their current mentoring course to one that is supported by technological supports to train in different corners of the country. 

They were part of the ColungaHUB community in 2017. 

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Executive director: Bernardita Yuraszeck

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