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Parenthesis Foundation

Work area: Childhood
Type of support: Alliance Fund
Draft: The corner
Year of support: 2014 - 2015
Impact: 45 children per year in the Region of Coquimbo, from the locality of Las Compañías in La Serena.

Colunga Foundation and Parenthesis Foundation, join in an alliance, between 2014 and 2015, to make the "La Esquina" program a reality, an instance of psychosocial support and support for young people from the "Las Compañías" sector in La Serena, who are unattended, disconnected from the system educational and lacking in projects. The program encourages activities of recreation and contact between the community, in order to combat the tendencies of internal exclusion that occur among the same inhabitants of the community and thus give a new meaning to the common places.

On the other hand, "La Esquina" has generated an innovative work with young people who graduate from the Provisional Internment Center (CIP) and Closed Regime Center (CRC) that are located in the area, so that they have a accompaniment in the reintegration process, once its sanction has been completed.

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Executive Director: Carlos Vöhringer Cárdenas
Location: Lafayette 1610, Santiago, Independencia, Chile

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