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Foundation for Trust

Work area: Childhood
Type of support: Collaboration, Strengthening Fund, Project in execution
Draft: Observatory for Trust (2017 - 2020) | Vigilantes por la infancia: monitoring compliance with the National Agreement for Children (2018 - 2022)
Year of support: 2017 - 2022

The Observatory for Trust, initiative supported by the 2017 Strengthening Fund of Colunga, aims to gather and analyze all existing information on public policies affecting children and adolescents under the protection of the State and mobilize the various wills to produce the necessary changes .

Project Watchers for children 

The "Vigilantes por la infancia" platform allows citizens to exercise social control over policy makers and decision-makers in childhood matters. This contains an analysis of the commitments acquired in the National Agreement for Children, and measures the level of compliance with the various proposals made by the current government.

The project is of Intelligent Citizenship together with the Community of Solidarity Organizations and Fundación Para la Confianza. It has the support of Colunga through its Collaboration Fund.

About the foundation

Fundación para la Confianza is a non-profit organization whose mission is to fight against child sexual abuse. This through the accompaniment of people who have been victims of sexual abuse during their childhood; the elaboration, validation and improvement of child sexual abuse prevention plans in educational communities and organizations that work in childhood; and training in specialized tools for prevention, detection and timely and adequate reaction in cases of child sexual abuse.

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Executive Director: José Andrés Murillo
Location: Pérez Valenzuela 1264, Providencia, Chile

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