We already have the 20 organizations selected to live Start the Journey 2017!

November 27, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

Foto Emprende El Viaje 2016

The teams will begin this week the Pre-Consolidation process together with the Social Innovation Laboratory of ColungaHUB.

From the regions of Tarapacá, Valparaíso, Metropolitana, O'Higgins and Araucanía are the projects that have been chosen to live the learning process of the Innovative Fund of Fundación Colunga.

The call "Emprende El Viaje: Discover the heart of your project", opened in September of this year, invited social and functional organizations to participate with projects whose target population is children and young people in contexts of vulnerability in the Chilean territory. Of the 150 applications received, 20 went to the next stage of Pre-consolidation, where they will be given tools of social innovation to enhance their initiatives.

"The meaning of this call has to do with opening possibilities to organizations at an early stage, which have tested how their initiative works but need to improve it. What interests us most is the potential for innovation of the project and Colunga's commitment is training, "he said. Paulina Rojas, Director of the Foundation's Social Investment Fund.  

The teams can improve their projects and have the possibility of accessing a maximum of 25 million pesos in financing. Those who are awarded the support will go to the Consolidation stage next to the ColungaHUB Laboratory, which seeks to strengthen and support the teams in the development of their projects.

Fe Sánchez, Director of ColungaHUB, emphasized the potential of the selected organizations. "We are very happy with the applications we receive because they are projects that have a good understanding of the need they are working with. In the days of Pre-Consolidation, which we will work with the Innovation and Research Laboratory Yuken, organizations will focus on the relevance between the problems detected, the reading of the contexts, and innovative solutions, "he said, and He noted that "next year we will work with the winners in the Consolidation program that will strengthen the project."

Meet the 20 selected organizations and their projects:

  1. Formando Chile Corporation. Project "School of Training for the Entrance to Higher Education (EFIES)"
  2. Cultural Foundation for the Ithaca Social Reintegration. Project "Tales that are not fairy tale: Artistic creations in fairs and public squares developed among adolescents and young people deprived of freedom and in the process of social reintegration"
  3. ARQATAK: Platform for urban social innovation for children and adolescents. Project "City in Game"
  4. Chilean Association Pro United Nations, ACHNU. Project "Educational Bridges"
  5. Living Education Foundation. Project "Schools of Citizen Innovation"
  6. NGO Corporation Mapuche Newen. Project "Interterritorial Traveling School of Formation and Promotion of Rights to children, young people from Lof Mapu, Kapyupul, Mawuzakon, Boroa, Raguintuleufu and Kechulof"
  7. ACTO Foundation Project "Trenzando Activation"
  8. VE GLOBAL - Volunteer Development NGO of Esperanza. Project "I'm Independent! - proposal of assisted egress for institutionalized young people "
  9. Creando Curiosos Foundation. Project "Curious Box: Doing science in preschool"
  10. Observatory of the game of the Educational Development Foundation. Project Inclusion and social participation laboratory; games to learn together "
  11. Los Volantines Sports and Cultural Club. Project "La Chimba Social Circus, the circus as a territorial integration strategy"
  12. Todo Mejora Foundation. Project "The heroes of the class"
  13. Children in the Footprint Foundation. Project "Recreate: Transforming realities from the game, culture and art"
  14. Patio Vivo Foundation. Project "The school playground as an educational tool: follow-up and training"
  15. Sendero de Chile Foundation. Project "Agroecological education and environmental culture oriented children, youth and young people in conditions of social vulnerability"
  16. Network of Researchers Network (RedI). Project "Transdisciplinarity and gender approach: an intervention model for a new look at the content in the second cycle of basic general education in two rural schools in the VI region"
  17. Forge Foundation. Project "Get involved with good ideas: Young people that impact on young people"
  18. Organization Cultural and Sports Social Center Huerta Huerta. Project "Huertas a Huerta: Social Gardens in the Blocks of Santiago"
  19. Haedus. Project "Learning with the Heart"
  20. Newen Kimün Educational Corporation. Project "Strengthening Mapuche and rural traditional knowledge and initiation in scientific-chemical knowledge in the families of the Hualapulli sector - Liumalla"

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