Volando en V seeks to promote its educational project from ColungaHUB

March 11, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

At ColungaHUB we welcome a new organization that will be part of our community. Is about Flying in V, a foundation that seeks to strengthen the dynamics of school coexistence and prevent bullying.

Its name refers to the journey of the birds in the migratory period, where the adults stand at the head of the line to cut the wind with their wings, in position V, so that the younger birds can fly calmly. Their "Volar en V" program does just that in the schools, they reinforce the role of the students of media, to be an example and support for the other students of smaller levels who are suffering bullyingo bullying

This foundation arose from the experience of bullying of Andrea Henríquez, founder of the organization, who at age 11 was the victim of aggression by her companions. Their history of abuse is solved when students of major courses intervene and hold workshops to sensitize their classmates about the seriousness of the abuse and the importance of a good coexistence.

Photo: Flying in V

That is why its intervention model promotes positive interrelation and directly impacts risk groups, involves the whole school community and focuses on the students themselves as change modelers.

"The program includes actions for the entire educational community, there are conferences for teachers, talks for parents and we work hard with the biggest students to influence the youngest ones. So, getting involved with all the actors is that we arrive at co-responsibility, "he highlights. Marco Salazar, Program Coordinator of the organization.

Arrival in ColungaHUB

In December of 2018 they were listening to radio when the interview to Arturo Celedón, Executive Director of Colunga, in the "Todos Educamos" program of Radio Universidad de Chile. It is there that they learned that Colunga worked to empower civil society and that it had a HUB for organizations.

"We find it very attractive to be able to work with other social organizations, especially the educational ones that are here at the HUB. We also recognize the skills of Colunga to train us in this endeavor that we are beginning. We are super new and we see this as an opportunity to have experiences with organizations in Colunga, "he says. Bernardita Peñafiel, Executive Director of Volando en V.

They are working in 16 municipal and private schools in the Metropolitan Region but this year they are looking to expand. "For us this year is fundamental because we seek to consolidate as a team, but also consolidate our program and take it to different regions," says Bernadette.

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