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Voices that relieve children: what are the urgent problems?

October 29, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

In recent days, various social demands have been made visible so that our country leaves this situation of inequality. Health, education, pensions, basic services costs, are some of the issues that have taken relevance, but what about the situation of children in Chile? Different actors in society have highlighted the problems that directly affect this population. We collect the voices that have been talking about this topic:

The family judge Monica Jeldres Wrote one column in Ciper Chile, where he confirms: “The situation of children is inherently linked to all the aspirations for which our society has flooded the streets today; it is linked to problems in education, health, housing, security, development, family life and countless other dimensions that are precarious for many Chileans, but especially serious for children. ” However, he claims that the debate is not taking this edge into account "as if the attention of children was not a crucial issue that should influence how we organize our social and economic life."

In interview with Cooperativa,  Nicole Romo, Director of Public Policies of the Community of Solidarity Organizations, stressed the importance of approving the Law on the System of Guarantees for the Rights of the Child: “It is a law that has been requested decades ago, in different governments that have been present, because we believe that this is much more relevant than separating the Sename. We must have a law that guarantees adequate welfare for all children and adolescents in this country. When we talk about Sename, we are talking about a bounded population that, without a doubt, is in a very urgent situation, but first we must give a framework that guarantees their well-being to all children, there is a concrete demand. ” 

The Block for Children, through a statementHe also emphasized the need to guarantee the rights of children: “The protection of children in Chile needs a State that assumes its role as guarantor of rights. A close, collaborative state that supports families, children, organizations, communities and civil society organizations. In other words, we need a democratic State, of proximity, a State that protects and realizes the rights of children ”.

Without a doubt, we cannot forget children and adolescents at this time, because the great transformations must take into account the needs of all, especially those who have been made invisible and, in the long run, will be the future of Chile.

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