Vigilantes por la Infancia delivers figures on the progress of the National Agreement for Children

April 15, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

The alliance that brings together Smart Citizenship, the Community of Solidarity Organizations and the Observatory for Trust, In collaboration with Colunga Foundation, announced the results of the analysis of the 94 measures for children announced a year ago by the current government.

Presentación Informe Anual de Vigilantes por la Infancia

In the activity, carried out in Fundación Colunga, representatives of civil society organizations that work on childhood issues and also government authorities participated.

"For us it is essential to be here. It is important that they demand us because we know that this is a commitment of all. This issue should not be left behind, "he said. Blanquita Honorato, in charge of the Division of Promotion and Prevention of the Undersecretary of Children.


According to the data provided, the general state of compliance of the National Agreement for Children it is 47% and the quality score is 3 points (7 being the maximum score).

To get the results, Vigilantes for Children It uses a methodology that analyzes the commitments contained in the agreement and measures the level and quality of its compliance. They were specialists in different areas and organizations who delivered the technical elements to weigh the weight of the measures.

"This is a platform that has been carried out in collaboration with civil society, therefore, we have to work together in that the measures are met, with the quality they should have," he said. Nicole Romo, Director of Public Policies of the Community of Solidarity Organizations.

They also delivered data from three central axes:

Universal Protection (54% progress, note 3.1), Protection of children at risk (40% progress, note 2.7), Protection of children in danger (44% progress, note 3.1). To see the detail of each axis enter here.

Work tables

After the delivery of data, work was carried out in tables, differentiated by theme (education, street situation of boys and girls, adoption and guarantee law), where attendees could talk and generate proposals on compliance with these measures. 

From the Observatory for Trust, Gabriel Guzmán He stressed the importance of using these results for advocacy: "The target audience to which the platform points is not only the Executive Power, but also the Legislative Branch. Therefore, this information we encourage to be used to advocate with these actors. "

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