VE Global kicks off the second year of the "I'm Independent" program

May 5, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

This year 2017 60 young people belonging to 17 homes of protection of Sename in Santiago will participate in this program, which will accompany them in the process of transition to independent life.

The VE Global Foundation, a member of ColungaHUB, launched the second year of the "I am an Independent" program, supported by the Ministry of Social Development, dedicated to accompanying the successful transition of vulnerable youth into independent life outside Sename's protective homes, through the development of skills and useful tools for autonomy.

In 2016, the first version of this program was implemented, where 44 young people from 14 protection homes benefited. This year 2017 there are 60 young people between 15 and 18 who will be supported, from May to November they will have workshops twice a week, which will help them to develop social-emotional skills that favor a healthy independent life, and connect them with reality.

"Last year, at the end of the year, after having gone through the complexities of the initial implementation of this project, we saw the impact it had on young people, how it improved the trust of the households with them, the bond that was created with us , and the empowerment that woke up in young people ", comments Mercedes Henderson, executive director of VE Global.

The working modality of the "I am independent" program has three stages:

Pre-graduation (15-17 years) - Graduate (16-18 years) - Post graduation (18 and up). This year, VE Global has generated alliances with the foundations Project B and Portas to support this last stage.

Project B will adapt its model of reintegration of young people who have broken the law, to one that supports the labor insertion of young people in protective homes, while Portas will accompany young people who wish to pursue university studies.

"The idea is that from this year we can also connect young people with the Latin American Network of Protection Graduates, where they can meet graduates from other countries, and we can evaluate if that model can be replicated here. In this sense, the support of Proyecto B y Portas contributes to this plan, since it will provide them with a concrete opportunity of work and alternative study that will help them for the future ", Mercedes Henderson finishes

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