Universidad de Chile and Fundación Colunga collaborate in early warning system for childhood programs

May 13, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

As an alliance between academia and civil society, the project that unites the Core Innovations Effective in Public Policies from the University of Chile and the Colunga Foundation, in the search to improve programs that work in childhood.

At present, various children's services, from the public and private sectors, focus their registration and monitoring systems on the characterization of their beneficiaries. This has meant that many of them do not achieve the results that have been proposed and do not reach the necessary solutions.

An early warning system for this type of program is the initiative of the Nucleus Effective Innovations in Public Policies of the University of Chile, and that has the sponsorship of the Colunga Foundation and its Social Investment Fund. Its purpose is to look at the quality of the service offer and respond to the needs of children and adolescents on time.

Its first stage, executed during the year 2018, was financed by the Fund for the Promotion of Scientific and Technological Development (FONDEF). During this phase, it was possible to establish the theoretical basis that allowed the development of the prototype that will be implemented this year, as a test for its outsourcing.

"We believe that if there are no alert systems that focus on the quality of the programs, it is very difficult to really move forward. That's why we wanted to create a multidimensional index of effectiveness. So, have the alert on time and know how to look at it and measure it. Otherwise, it is difficult for a system of this type to make sense, "says Dra. Teresa Matus, Project Director.

What does it consist of?

The Early Warning System (SAT Childhood) proposes a platform that will serve as a tool for social programs to monitor their processes and issue alarms that identify their deficiencies before being implemented. Its construction will develop four axes of action declared in your website: "Interpellate systems and programs, observe their failures, build a SAT that allows to anticipate and adjust decisions to managers and work teams, articulating that prototype with a Multidimensional Effectiveness Index that allows to improve the quality of the programs".

The idea is that, from the errors detected, opportunities for innovation and early correction arise. In this way, the focus of vulnerability is channeled towards the programs and not on their beneficiaries, making them more binding and with more effective results.

In this work, the role of Colunga has been an interlocutor between academia and civil society, facilitating its network of foundations working on childhood issues. And these organizations can test the prototype, and then apply the improvements you need.

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