Teresa Matus conducts a workshop on Effective Social Innovation for Emprende El Viaje teams

November 24, 2016
Communications Colunga Foundation

NOVEMBER 24, 2016

How can social programs progress? The Doctor in Social Work and in Sociology, Teresa Matus called on innovators to be critical of their own projects, and to take into consideration the existing offer, so as not to generate intervention. "An innovator is a destroyer because innovation only escalates if it changes what already exists," he said.

The workshop was held on November 23 at ColungaHUB, in the framework of the learning workshops of the Emprende el Viaje call, with the objective that the selected teams take into account the effectiveness component, which will benefit them as well as to the impacted public.

Tips to innovate effectively

Consulted on some advice for teams that are performing social intervention with the innovation component, Teresa Matus gave us four relevant aspects that can not be missing, when it comes to effectively innovate.

So, if you are doing some social intervention, keep in mind:

one-. You must have a deep conviction in the innovation you want to achieve, because you can observe and consider other things along the way, but you always have to go back to your idea and adjust it.

two-. You should look at the quality of your offers in relation to other existing offers. In this sense, it is important to think by similarity, and add all that you find similar, since only then can you find the distinctions that characterize them.

3-. You must look at the crossings of the territories, because it is different if one wants to make a project in a territory A or territory B. In other words, it must be recognized that innovation is that cross between the complexity of the phenomenon, the terrain and the conditions of quality.

4-. Finally, Teresa Matus recommends to see the seminars of ISe(Effective Social Innovation): Evaluation Proposal for Social Programs and the International Seminar on Effective Social Innovation.

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