Technovation Chile arrives at ColungaHUB

November 7, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

The organization that promotes the interest of Chilean girls and adolescents for the development of new technologies and digital innovation joined the ColungaHUB community, which currently brings together 44 foundations.

Photo: Technovation Chile

Through different instances of learning, participation and creation, and together with the support of entrepreneurs, mentors and teachers, Technovation Chile promotes in girls and adolescents of our country the development of the necessary skills to grow and become tomorrow's leaders, getting involved and strengthening ties with their communities.

"The main reason to be in Colunga is to continue our work, in a space of synergy and collaboration, which we can also contribute," Constanza Díaz, Executive Director of Technovation Chile.

ColungaHUB seeks to connect civil society organizations and also strengthen their articulation with diverse actors such as the State, the company and the academy, among other relevant actors. Welcome Technovation Chile!

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