Workshop at ColungaHUB highlights the importance of communications in social organizations

May 16, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

The Communication Council of ColungaHUB held the workshop "Communication Brand for Social Change", focused on the relevance of communications in the world of civil society.

Taller "Marca comunicacional para el cambio social"

The meeting counted on the comments of Benito Baranda, Executive President of América Solidaria and director of the Colunga Foundation, the presentation of the academic of the School of Communications of the Catholic University (UC), Sebastián Valenzuela, and the participation of a panel composed of Claudia Yachan, Communications Director of CommunityWomen; Verónica Villalobos, Communications Director of America Solidaria; Claudio Garrido, Communications Director of Football More, and was moderated by Vicente Viel of Engineers Without Borders Chile.

"Your experience conditions a large part of the images you have of the world, and therefore communication is extremely relevant to transform these images. The image is changing the construction of realities, "said Benito Baranda, who also shared learning that has taken place over time, so that the communication matches the mission that your organization has:

  • Communication must be a collective construction, while taking into account the need to professionalize communications.
  • As important as personalizing the action we perform, it is to personalize how we communicate it, since our action must also impact on cultural transformations.
  • It is good to be generating alliances with others.
  • Consistency and coherence are key for a brand not to break.

Sebastián Valenzuela's presentation focused on civic participation, and how communications achieve that people join a cause and participate.

"The most palpable effect that communication has is that it changes what we know about something or someone. If one does not enter the radar of people it is impossible for people to think well or even bad about you. When people know that you exist as an organization, as an initiative, they develop an opinion, an attitude, "stressed the UC academic and PhD in Communications from the University of Texas, USA. UU

"If the communication of an organization fails to reach anyone, it is no surprise that nobody collaborates or participates in the organization. The most difficult thing is to provoke a change in behavior, but at least we have to consider communications to influence the knowledge and opinion of people ... Only with communication can we have more pupils in the same subject ", concluded Valenzuela.

Representatives of various foundations and social organizations participated in the workshop, and it was aimed at executives, communications managers, journalists and people interested in communication with a social focus.

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