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Sociocracia Workshop brought together 27 social organizations in Colunga

December 10, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

In one of his last activities in the country, the international leader Edwin Maria John, together with Colunga, The Kairos Project, Glocalminds and America Solidaria, conducted a Sociocracy workshop, which invites to practice new forms of organization.

Taller de Sociocracia en Colunga

Edwin Maria John is a renowned international activist for children's rights, and expert in the introduction of Sociocracy and dynamic management in civil society organizations. Leader of the United Nations for his work in organizing more than 100,000 "neighborhood parliaments" in South India and the creation of Children's Parliaments that brings together more than 200,000 girls and boys organized at the neighborhood level and federalized at different levels.

This workshop, which seeks to strengthen, scale and expand the capacity of individual and collective impact of social leaders, convened 38 representatives of civil society organizations such as Fundación Para la Confianza, Fundación Minera Escondida, Learning and Gaming Community, Social Focus, Tribe, Institute of Deafness, Network of Volunteers of Chile, MAMACHEU, Marista Foundation, NGO Gestar, among others.

"What motivates us is that these tools can be used more and more, and that through practice they can transform our society into a more just society, that can include us all," he says. Josefina Maturana, facilitator of Glocalminds.

"We are lucky to have a very special guest, Edwin Maria John. The dream that he raises is, 'What if Chile worked completely neighborhoodized (from the neighborhoods) and we had a way to govern ourselves from the grassroots, distributing power and making decisions?' ", Highlights Diego Cuadra, facilitator of The Kairos Project.

Testimonials of the assistants

"I am very happy to have participated in this workshop, which allows us to know different tools to organize ourselves, different ways of participating and generating collaborative spaces. Knowing Edwin's experience has been impressive, it is very inspiring and I hope to be able to take this today to the organization where I am working ", says Francisco Fernández, Executive Director of Fundación Por una Carrera.

"In the Sociocracy workshop we have listened to the wisdom of Edwin and everything that comes to us from the other side of the world. The organizations change, he brings us examples, so in America Solidaria and in Colunga, in general, we are all very attentive listening to his words ", highlights Lea Rodriguez, Volunteer Coordinator of Fundación América Solidaria.

"We are very happy with our participation. We want to be able to develop a proposal in that line. Happy to be here and be able to develop a socio-cultural practice from the children of our country ", comments Juan Pablo Venegas, Advocacy Manager at World Vision Chile.

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