Sustainability and NGOs: The resource management experience of Hogar de Cristo

January 26, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

Fundación Proyecto B organized a meeting at ColungaHUB, whose main guest, Paula Andres, addressed the history of Hogar de Cristo in terms of sustainability and resource management. And from Argentina, an entrepreneur presented an application that aims to improve the visibility of organizations, and bring them closer to a younger audience.

During the talk, Paulina Andres, Resource Manager of Hogar de Cristo, explained to the attendees what actions they have taken to make this a sustainable foundation, as well as the learning and innovations they have implemented to diversify their funding.

"The challenge is to put together a value proposal that understands the business of the company or ally very well, and that has a benefit in 360 degrees," said Paula, who exemplified this advice through the experience of the Home of Christ with Walmart, whose alliance involves workers in volunteering, which improves the work climate, and generates a special connection with the cause.

In that sense, Paula called the organizations to "Build real links" with its allies and partners "if we want resources we must involve the other, and adapt to the times of today," he said.

Technology at the service of NGOs

In that sense, the meeting was invited to Leandro Vitale, Argentine entrepreneur, who presented KindApp, an application that will allow foundations and non-profit organizations to obtain donations through a click.

"There are many organizations that, to attract new donors, spend a lot of money on advertising, and we also detect that they have little connection with youth. To enter the world of young people, it is necessary to do it through the telephone and social networks, and KindApp is a new way of inviting collaboration, "said Leandro.

The entrepreneur invited all the organizations of ColungaHUB, and the attendees, to participate in this project, which, in addition to being a new and more technological fundraising tool, will provide them with accurate information about who are donors and how to maintain a more effective communication relationship.

To learn more about KindApp write to

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