Sustainability in the projects: The experience of Trenzando

November 23, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

In the beginning, the ACTO Foundation He began to work on a cultural project that would be carried out through the reactivation of the country's rail network. They spoke with Fepasa (Ferrocarril del Pacífico) and EFE (Empresa de Ferrocarriles del Estado) to see if the project was viable and if they could be its allies. After the positive response they focused on financing.

In 2015 they won the itinerant cultural infrastructure fund of the National Council of Culture and the Arts, which allowed them to create a device built with 5 maritime containers, and to shape this project "Braiding", Which aims to create greater opportunities for development in non-metropolitan territories, strengthening local identities and decentralizing access to knowledge and technologies.

Trenzando San Rosendo Workshops

But it was in 2017 that together with Colunga they were able to move from theory to practice, because thanks to the Innovative Fund of Colunga They arrived at their first location: San Rosendo. "Having supported us with the delivery of the funds allowed us to have the first activation in the field. Totally necessary experience to learn to work with all these ideas that we had in theory. Being able to have images of what we do, concrete results, and a real link with the community of San Rosendo, would not have been possible if they had not trusted in us and in Trenzando ", highlights Silvia Navarrete, project coordinator.

Braiding San Rosendo

Colunga not only gave them financing to reach the field, but also knowledge about different tools of social innovation that could be applied to improve the quality of their intervention. They attended days of Innovation Laboratory of Colunga: Theory of change, Models of social intervention, Business Models, Communications and Stakeholders.

Already with an experience of work in the field, they returned to apply for a fund of the now Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, and thanks to their award they will be able to reach 4 new locations in 2019: Yumbel, Ránquil, Ocoa Y Til Til.

Braiding San Rosendo

"The process with the Laboratory and its multiple classes during the year, have given us endless tools that have allowed us to clarify and order the entire project. The constant support of the members of Colunga, the facilitators of the Laboratory and the assigned mentor, has been fundamental for today to be able to present a much more solid project than it was in the beginning, and the direct consequence of that is to have awarded us this new fund, that supports us and that trusts that what we are doing is good and well done ", concludes Silvia.

For Colunga, a sustainable project is one that has a horizon of continuity over time and is socially and economically sustainable, in addition to having a defined and differentiating value proposal. Without a doubt, Braiding is an example for us.

Braiding San Rosendo

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