Dream and articulate a sustainable future: This was the IS2030 International Seminar

June 24, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

With total success, the 2030 International Social Innovation Seminar brought together hundreds of people -by day- who dreamed of a better future for Chile and the world.

As a great closing of a process that took about 10 months of work, with talks and workshops, the IS2030 International Seminar was held. The event, organized by the IS 2030 movement (Colunga Foundation, CoLab UC, About About Foundation; in collaboration with System B, Government Laboratory and supported by CORFO), brought together leading speakers from the public, private and civil society sectors, who inspired the hundreds of attendees to work for a more sustainable future.

Divided into two days, the seminar featured presentations by important international guests in the sector, such as the Costa Rican Roberto Artavia, President of the Board of Directors of Viva Trust and the Latin America Possible Foundation; Miquel de Paladella, CEO of UpSocial from Spain; Y Rafael Kemelmajer, specialist in Social Innovation and Director of Fifth Impact in Argentina.

Starting from the idea of Rafael Kemelmajer that "it is important to fall in love with problems, rather than solutions", each talk rescued the work that the different sectors must do to generate instances of partnership and collaboration. Adding to that idea, Miquel de Paladella highlighted: "The problem is that in social change there are many preconceived ideas, but through social innovation we can break those ideas and make the changes that are needed."

"Civil society has a vision of where the needs are and how to take them to the State," said Roberto Artavia, calling on companies to invest in innovative solutions.

The event also featured a panel, moderated by the journalist Andrea Obaid, where the role of the 2030 Agenda in the socio-environmental transformations of each sector of society. The participants were: Marcela Ríos, Assistant Resident Representative United Nations Development Program (UNDP); Hans Eben, General Manager of Unilever and President of Red Pacto Goblal Chile; Alejandra Arratia, Executive Director of Education 2020; Y Nicolás Cruz, Founder and Executive Director of Public Base Foundation.

Throughout the seminar, the importance of articulation between civil society, the private sector and the public sector was stressed, in order to accelerate change processes with innovative solutions for a more sustainable future.

With these themes as a basis, a series of workshops and work spaces were opened, where different aspects of the 2030 Agenda could be addressed and the paths to be taken to comply with the Sustainable Development Objectives (ODS). These activities that closed the first day were facilitated by Glocalminds, Government Laboratory, System B, UNDP Chile, Corfo, Sustainability UC and Public Base.

For the second day, Martín García, Head of the Public-Private Cooperation Division of the Ministry of Social Development, made an overview of the Government's commitments to comply with the SDGs in the country. "The 2030 Agenda does not have a leadership or methodology. The important thing is how we take charge in generating solutions together. By putting the problems in the center, the barriers that divide us are eliminated, "he said.

The seminar ended in collaboration groups, where attendees were able to contribute to the creation of the roadmap for 2030. The different dreams, tasks and actions to be carried out were exposed to build a sustainable future and a better quality of life.

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Seminario Internacional IS2030

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Check the full talks of the international exhibitors here:

Rafael Kemelmajer (Fifth Impact)

Roberto Artavia (Viva Idea)

Miquel de Paladella (UpSocial)

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