We are the children: Part II

February 25, 2020
Communications Colunga Foundation

What is the role of children and adolescents in our society? The documentary series of the Ombudsman for Children beside The Cinema Window, "We are the children", invites us to rethink the role we have given to children and to be inspired by tremendous life stories.

We present a compilation with the last three stories (of six), broadcast on TVN, where you will meet Antonia, Ariki and the students of the José Toribio Medina school, who contribute from different fronts to build a better Chile:

Antonia wants to change the world through books: “Reading is essential to increase the cultural capital of students,” says Antonia Carrizo when she talks about the importance of books in school. The middle school student is the founder of Share your book, an initiative that is revolutionizing the way children and young people relate to reading.

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Ariki will fight pollution with the help of his friends: With only eight years, Ariki Ramos has a great goal in life: end pollution once and for all. Encourage family and friends to clean every corner of the environment and not litter in nature. A lesson we should all learn.

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Students of José Toribio Medina school cheer up grandparents with medicinal plants orchards: In the context of a school project in which the students of the José Toribio Medina school had to diagnose a need and be able to solve it for themselves, the seventh grade course decided to visit the nursing home “Luz de amor” to create with them a Orchard of medicinal plants.

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