We are the children: Part I

February 3, 2020
Communications Colunga Foundation

What is the role of children and adolescents in our society? The new documentary series of the Ombudsman for Children beside The Cinema Window, "We are the children", invites us to rethink the role we have given to children and to be inspired by tremendous life stories.

We present a compilation with the first three stories (of six), broadcast on TVN, where you will meet Millaray, Diego and Julieta, who contribute from different fronts to build a better Chile:

"MC Millaray": The 13-year-old girl who loves her lyrics

Millaray began singing with her father at age 5 and since then discovered the love for rap and improvisation. The young woman loves to feed on new experiences and cultures, and that is why she creates spaces to meet people.

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"Maker boy": Changing the world through inventions

Diego López is a 16-year-old boy who, from a very young age, has been reusing materials to create innovative inventions. Through social networks, it seeks to solve problems, help the community and promote awareness of recycling and climate change.

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Julieta Martínez seeks to empower women with their project called "Tremendas"

With only 16 years he created a platform in which he motivates women of different ages to lead. His motivation comes from 10 years when he accompanied his mother to social innovation fairs and thanks to this, today seeks to become a reference in this area.

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