The third version of the Cycle of Open Talks that is being carried out by the Colunga Foundation was about Storytelling for change 

April 21, 2020
Valentina Well

Through ColungaLAB and with the support of the Mapocho foundations, through its executive director, Fabián Schiaffino and América Solidaria with Vicente Schulz, director of communications for the international area, the third version of the Cycle of Talks was held this afternoon Open from Fundación Colunga, which was based on Storytelling for change.

The initiative seeks to bring different types of tools and themes closer to citizens and, especially to civil society organizations, considering the health crisis situation that the country is facing, as a result of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), where part of the population is under compulsory quarantine decreed by the Government and, others, voluntarily to help flatten the disease curve.

That is why, on this occasion, it was chosen to emphasize the importance of the communities that civil society accompanies when making their communications. For the same reason, the coordinator of the Colunga Foundation Social Innovation Laboratory, Francisca Lemaître, emphasized that “We believe that communicating from the perspective of the communities with which we are linked is key to transmitting the value that each organization delivers. Many times it is difficult to show the relevance of the work being done and these tools aim precisely at improving this aspect."

In front of the almost 50 people who participated in the talk this afternoon the executive director of Fundación Mapocho, Fabián Schiaffino, stressed the importance of sharing knowledge to strengthen the ecosystem of civil society. "I believe that now more than ever it is important to make available to civil society organizations what we have learned in recent years. It is increasingly important to be able to communicate what we are doing, but this does not mean that we lose sight of the fact that the communities and people with whom we work must be at the center of all our communication, who are protagonists of the transformations", said.

The director of communications for América Solidaria Internacional, Vicente Schulz, He thanked the space generated by the Colunga Foundation, through its ColungaLAB and stated that "As social organizations working in the field, we have the privilege of witnessing realities that worry us and make us believe that a fairer world is possible, but to what extent have we developed our ability to listen to communicate what we show? This space motivates me because it is making ourselves available to the communities with which we associate, in order to position their causes and concerns"

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