We continue to build community: Education 2020, Odontobus, Momart and Wild Lab join ColungaHUB

August 5, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

Improving the quality of education, reducing the gaps in dental care and motivating the learning of mathematics through play are the causes of the new organizations that came to the community ColungaHUB.

We are already more than 50 civil society organizations that make up this community for social change. We are happy to welcome Education 2020, Odontobus Y Momart, with whom we hope to generate many synergies for social transformation. Know them:

Education 2020

They work to ensure a quality, equitable and inclusive education for children and youth in Chile. The year 2008 is born as a citizen movement, and is based on the principle that a good education system is the cornerstone of a more democratic, participatory and just society.

Today Education 2020 also drives the transformation from the classroom, through educational innovation projects that allow students to learn and be prepared for the 21st century.

Executive Director: Alejandra Arratia


Their motivation is to reduce the existing inequities of access to people in the traditional dental area, due to geographical, economic, cultural or other factors.

They seek to achieve their goal in two ways: first, through a mobile dental clinic, which allows them to have a team of professionals on the ground, providing comprehensive dental education and care with biopsychosocial and human care.

And second with the operation of the "Clinic B, solidarity dental health" in Santiago, which plans to bring oral health to everyone, with fair, affordable prices and humanized care.

Executive Director: Joaquín Apablaza


Organization that works to co-construct pedagogical methodologies that position physical activity, play and culture as transforming tools of the educational experience.

They focus on increasing the motivation to learn mathematics in students of basic third, combining the Learning Objectives of this subject with those of physical education. They work with dynamics and activities that allow children to face mathematics in a playful way and that involves body movement.

Executive Director: Vicente Viel

Wild Lab

They develop human abilities to learn to live together, in harmony and in communion with our planet. They do it through significant experiences in wild areas, with the aim of generating affective links with nature.

Its objective is to inspire an ecological look in society, to expand a sense of community that includes all living beings, allowing them to adopt ethical behavior on earth and thus protect a future perspective for the next generations. That is why they develop educational programs in nature in various lines of action: schools, families, people and organizations.

Executive Director: Martín Pastene

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