Advance call for candidate organizations to ColungaHUB: join the network for social transformation

July 28, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

The call that invites civil society organizations to apply for work spaces at ColungaHUB advances with the evaluation of the first applicant organizations 

The first meeting between social organizations and the ColungaHUB team was held on Wednesday, July 26, where the selected ones of this first reception of applications presented a pitch with the purpose of their foundation and their motivations to be part of this community for the transformation Social.  

"ColungaHUB has been growing and the community has been strengthening, so we have clarity about the identity of the organizations that are here, what unites us, the values we have and what we are looking for in this call to expand our house," said Fe. Sánchez, Director of ColungaHUB.

The call to join this collaborative network, aimed at social organizations that work on the thematic lines of overcoming poverty, education, sustainability, dialogue and social cohesion, inclusion and childhood, will be open until August 4. On Monday, August 7, the second pitch will be held with new organizations that postulate a workspace in the cowork of Fundación Colunga.

About the call  

Civil society organizations that apply for a collaborative workspace in ColungaHUB will have the possibility (once accepted) to access a subsidy in the cost of membership of up to 50% of the monthly value.

Being part of ColungaHUB gives access to:

-Inspiring spaces for the development of collaborative work
-Community of learning and exchange of experiences
-Red of diverse actors that promote dialogue and interconnection with purpose
-Activities of training and transfer of tools for the incidence
-Privileged location in the heart of the city

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