The launch of the book "The voices of civil society" is made in ColungaHUB

December 9, 2016
Communications Colunga Foundation

In ColungaHUB, the launch of the book "The Voices of Civil Society" was carried out, published by Sociedad en Acción, a project of the Public Policy Center of the Catholic University together with Fundación Chile + Hoy, with the support of Fundación Colunga, which seeks to capture the look that civil society organizations have of themselves, the setting in which they operate, and their challenges.

"We try that each word, each of the intentions that were said will be represented in one way or another, to show the diversity of this sector, and also reflect that we are all part of civil society, with different missions, ideas, forms to work, sizes, among other things ", comments Paula Streeter, coordinator of the Society in Action project.

The meeting, held at Fundación Colunga on Wednesday, November 30, featured a conversation panel whose focus was to discuss the challenges facing civil society organizations, where they participated Esperanza Cueto, President of the Colunga Foundation; Alejandra Pizarro, Executive Director of the Community of Solidarity Organizations; Richard Caifal, of the Mapma Enama Corporation and Luis Ossa, Executive Director of Acción Solidaria del Hogar de Cristo.

The opinions of the book "The Voices of Civil Society" were collected with the methodology of Grounded Theory, which allowed processing the information from field experience, during eleven meetings with civil society in Santiago and regions, held in 2016. The final results of this study will be delivered in April 2017.

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