Ronda shares tips to be inclusive

April 27, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

In a new meeting of the ColungaHUB community, the Round Foundation invited to reflect on inclusion, and to have concrete tools when interacting with people with some type of disability.

Hubby Hour junto a Fundación Ronda

"As a pro-inclusion foundation, we seek to break paradigms. In the difference of each one is wealth, and that makes us a better society, "said Jo Escudero, Executive Director of Fundación Ronda.

At the meeting, Carlos Acevedo, Project Manager of the foundation, delivered a series of tips to know how it is correct to interact with a person with some type of disability:

Disability of motor or physical origin

-You should not take a person's wheelchair without first introducing yourself and asking what you need. 

-If someone of the third age needs help, it is necessary that you walk to the rhythm of them. 

Hearing impairment

-Before communicating with the person, it is necessary that you stand in front of her, and then modulate very well, since it is easier for her to read your lips.

-Check if they can communicate through writing. If so, you need to write specific words.

Visual disability

-Never take the person with disabilities from the arm where the cane carries.

-Prepare before guiding or helping the person.

-When the person says that you can help her, offer her shoulder or elbow, so she can be guided.

-If you are talking with a person with visual impairment, let them know if you leave, because many times they leave them talking alone.

Intellectual disability

-Patience to listen to the person, to understand what they need to consult or express.

-Patience to explain to the person what he needs to know. Speak with direct language.

-In case you have a crisis, do not lose your temper or composure. 

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