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January 12, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

We talk with representatives of organizations in our Network ColungaHUB, a community of work and learning that seeks to transform the social reality of Chile and Latin America. 

Angela Pabón, executive director of Fundación Sonrisas: "The energy that is here and the optimism of changing the country is much stronger than what each foundation does"

Romina Martínez of Fundación Panal: "It always made sense to me how people can be organized by common objectives"

Guille Rolando, executive director of Fútbol Más: "What is done in Latin America is perfectly replicable in the world"

 Jaime Ibarra Co-founder of Fundación Multitudes: "The voice of civil society should be more proactive for the government"

Sebastián Zulueta, executive director of América Solidaria Internacional: "I am very seduced by all the reflection on sustainable development and how we can promote this agenda"

Victoria Marambio of Foundation Course Council: "We believe that you can re-enlist students with education"

Ángeles Castro, executive director of Fundación Infancia Primero: "We can not pretend to be a better country if we do not take care of our childhood"

Paula Aliaga, Coordinator of the Colunga Social Investment Fund: "Working from innovation makes your head become deconstructed"

Fabian Schiaffino, executive director of Fundación Mapocho: "It is believed that agents of change are in spaces of power, but that does not apply to vulnerable populations" 

Paz Benegas of the Community of Solidarity Organizations: "We want people to approach the causes"

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