Reveal results of the Casen survey 2017

August 23, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

This week the Ministry of Social Development delivered the results of the Survey of National Socioeconomic Characterization (Casen), carried out in 2017, which reveals the situation of households and the population, especially those in poverty and the groups defined by social policy as priorities, in relation to demographic aspects, health, education, housing, work and income.

The indicators established that the multidimensional poverty rate for 2017 registers 20.7% of the population (3,530,889 people), compared with 20.9% in 2015. In turn, the poverty rate by income for the year 2017 reaches 8.6%, with a decrease compared to 2015, when it was 11.7%.

This means that there are currently 1,528,284 people living in poverty in the country, taking into account their income. While 412,839 people are in extreme poverty according to this measurement.

In the case of regions, The Araucanía it stands out as the area that presents the highest poverty rate by income, with 17.2%. Next are Ñuble (16.1%), Maule (12.7%), Biobío (12.3%), Los Ríos (12.1%), Coquimbo (11.9%) and Los Lagos (11.7%). ).

To know more information about the survey, you can see the full report at the following link:

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