Social networks and civil society How to use them to transform reality?

July 15, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

We talked with Tomás Lawrence, Executive Director of Interpretative Foundation, about the power of social networks and how civil society organizations can use this tool to make the social changes they promote.

The Interpretacion Foundation seeks to combat the manifestations of hate in social networks. According to their studies, it is no longer the traditional media that completely decides what is news, many times it is the controversies in social networks that are transformed into news due to the volume they occupy in these.

"It is no longer just the editorial line of a media outlet that manages to position the issues. And this is carried to each area, from the most colloquial to the most scientific. This has caused a change in the current paradigm of communication where everyone wants to be the first to leave with the new news and has led to many times the sources are not consulted and therefore the veracity of the information is far from the truth ", emphasizes Tomás and concludes that this is how false news or fake news They are viralized.

How then can civil society highlight its themes in social networks? The executive director of Interpreta is the organization: "The call to civil society is to be organized, not only on social networks, but on a daily basis. How can we position issues in the public and political agenda and generate incidence from Twitter, for example? And he stresses that "organizations must be clear about who their sounding boards are and how they can amplify their communications and enhance the message."

If we join, we can go further with our message #Juntosparatransformar.

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