Red de Voluntarios de Chile promotes civic participation through its Citizenship Schools

July 21, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

The Citizenship Schools are aimed at the community in general, young people and adults interested in acquiring basic knowledge about citizenship, citizen participation, participation tools, open to debate and reflection on how to build a fairer and more inclusive community.

Together with the Council for Transparency, the Chilean Volunteers Network held the first session of its Citizenship Schools in Santiago at ColungaHUB, which on this occasion focused on transparency.

"Our diagnosis is that there is an absence of civic knowledge and we want to move on from the complaint and show that volunteering is an option for participation, but that there are also other mechanisms in which citizens can influence, not only with the vote," he explained. Marcela Guillibrand, Executive Director of the Network of Volunteers of Chile.

The School on Transparency was guided by Francisco de Ferari, a professional in the area of promotion of the Council for Transparency, who stressed the importance of having the necessary knowledge to exercise citizens' rights. "With this cycle of Schools, we want to transmit and offer concrete tools to the attendees, generate a space for participation that delivers citizen empowerment," he said.

Currently the Council for Transparency has an educational portal, where online courses about the Law of Transparency and Right of Access to Information can be held; the Protection of Personal Data, among others. See more.

The School on transparency has been held in Valparaíso, Temuco, and on Wednesday, July 26, it will be held in the city of Antofagasta (inscriptions here). The next themes of the Citizenship Schools will focus on human rights, gender and citizen participation and volunteering, and will be carried out until 2018.


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