Last days to apply for a Concursible Fund for projects that promote gender equality

May 5, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

Until next Friday, May 12, organizations from all over Chile will be able to apply for the "Social Capital: Women for Equity Concursible Fund" of ComunidadMujer, which distinguishes projects throughout Chile that promote equal opportunities between women and men. The fund seeks to generate opportunities for change and social transformation in organizations and their communities, which translate into contributions for greater equality.

The initiative, which has the support of Lipigas, will provide the winning organizations with support in the implementation of their projects, mentoring to strengthen their management and support for the generation of communication strategies and networks, as well as financial resources for their execution.

Among the topics to be postulated, which are not exclusive of others that may be of interest to organizations, include: Education and culture with a gender approach; Woman and catastrophe; Women and sustainable development; Prevention of gender violence; Building Citizenship; Social leadership; Economic autonomy; Health and self-care and Migrations.

"In its 11 years of experience, the fund has received more than 2,300 applications, of which 70% are entrepreneurs from regions, and has awarded 43 organizations across the country. They have shown us the potential that networking has when it comes to advancing the execution of projects that take charge of a specific social problem, "said Alejandra Sepúlveda, executive director of ComunidadMujer.

For his part, Mylene Iribarne, manager of People of Lipigas Companies, commented: "For Lipigas it is very important to be a part of this Fund for the fourth time, since it reflects the commitment we have with all the women of this country. For this reason, we invite you to apply your projects to this great initiative, which seeks to improve the quality of life not only of women, but of all Chileans, which is also one of our purposes as a company. "

Formal and informal organizations that apply to the fund must be made up of more than 50% of women, who must also be part of the board of directors of said organization. To apply, you must complete the form available at and send it by mail to the mail (where consultations are also being received). In the same web, the organizations will find the technical and administrative bases of the Fund, as well as the Guide for the Elaboration of Projects, document edited by ComunidadMujer that seeks to guide the design of projects, accompanying the organizations in the different stages that this process considers.

It should be noted that this year the fund incorporates two categories: "Activate your community" and "Mobiliza tu comunidad". The first one is for 3-month projects (maximum), which includes participation in 4 training workshops on gender, leadership, project management and evaluation; support in the management of networks and financing of up to $ 1,000,000 for the execution of the project. The second is for projects of 5 months duration (maximum), participation in 5 gender training workshops, leadership, management, project evaluation and mapping of social actors, support in the management of networks and financing of up to $ 3,000,000 for the execution of the project.


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