Project B highlights young people and companies in its employability program

December 26, 2016
Communications Colunga Foundation

Accompanied by their families and tutors, the youth of the Labor Reintegration Program of Fundación Proyecto B, who have successfully completed the stages of social and professional reintegration, were recognized by the foundation in an emotional ceremony. We invite you to know the history of Juan, Luis and Carlos.

Contributing to the process of social and professional reintegration of young people who have broken the law by offering decent and stable employment opportunities is the mission of Proyecto B, a foundation that this week distinguished those young people who have completed the stages of the Labor Reintegration Program.

"In a context where there is little employment and where opportunities for vulnerable young people are even lower, we try to guarantee diverse opportunities for them, because not everyone has the same interests and needs. From this perspective, what is relevant here is the personal process of each young person, and the ability of the company to make that opportunity fruitful, "he says. Juan Pablo Venegas, Executive Director of Project B.

The 2016 Recognition Ceremony of Project B was held at ColungaHUB and in addition to highlighting the young people who have completed the stages of the program, distinguished the work of the managers, heads and tutors of companies, as well as the delegates of compliance with sanctions in Sename, who have made an adequate accompaniment that has contributed positively in the labor consolidation of these young people.

Project B, as well as being a member of ColungaHUB, belongs to the Colunga Foundation's Strengthening Fund, which has allowed them to strengthen the foundation's management model.

Meet the stories of Juan, Luis and Carlos

Juan Gutiérrez She is 21 years old and has been in Project B's reinsertion program for more than a year.

He was working in carpentry during 2016 and wants to do a course of interpretation of plans to emerge in that area. He is one of the young people recognized for his progress in the foundation. "I would like five foundations to exist as Project B because it is a great opportunity for young people who have committed a crime. For me it has been fantastic, "he says.

He has an 8-year-old son and a 2-year-old daughter and he wants them to "know what it is to earn money with a decent job". He advises his companions "that they arise and that they continue on the right path, because that is a good life".

Luis Valenzuela She is 21 years old and has been in Project B's reintegration program for one year.

Luis works in a car buying and selling company, where he works in the vehicle washing area. "I'm grateful because opportunities like that are few in life," he says. Soon this young man hopes to be trained in mechanics and in different trades within the company.

When we ask Luis what the message is to his classmates, he smiles and tells us that "do not give up and continue positively because there is nothing better than work".

Carlos Pardo She is 21 years old and has been in the reintegration program for six months.

Carlos is working in a variety of functions in a warehouse for clinics. "I have a one-year-old daughter eight months, and she is a fundamental pillar to be able to get ahead, I want her not to go through what I went through."

About the young people who are receiving recognition for the effort as he does, he comments: "I congratulate you because it is still difficult the situation we are in, not many people believe in us, so I want to congratulate them because they believed in them and gave them a good response to Project B. "

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