First LEE: The project supported by the Colunga Strengthening Fund that highlights the value of reading comprehension

July 20, 2018
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In 2010, the Crecer Con Todos Foundation was born to face the harsh reality of Chilean education: 6 out of 10 children who reach the fourth grade and who live in vulnerable contexts do not read or understand what they read.

That is why they created the First LEE program, which seeks to implement a methodology for reading stories in the classroom, which encourages learning and development of children from initial education. Among its guidelines, it is important that students learn to read and write, increase their vocabulary, understand what they read, develop creative writing and passion for reading.

"As a country we are indebted to children, and through Primero Lee we want to help to reverse this situation and ensure that all students read comprehensively from the first grade," says Loreto Iglesias, Director General of the foundation.

Fourth grade course Lyceum Republic of Italy of Maipo Island

The program is implemented within the classroom throughout the academic year (March to December), is articulated and complemented with the Plans and Programs for Language and Communication required by the Ministry of Education.

"The accompaniment provided by Primero LEE within the classrooms is key to supporting and facilitating the implementation of this innovative methodology that works on reading, writing and oral communication in a balanced manner," says Francisca Labayru, Academic Director of Crecer Con Todos.

Teacher supported by the program

The support consists of technical advice in the area of language and communication, in order to install and strengthen skills in teachers and pedagogical technical equipment, which will allow progress in the literacy development of children. This translates into teacher training, through workshops and classroom accompaniment; delivery of support material for the classroom, for teachers and students; evaluations and work of involvement with the attorneys.

Team Grow With All

The support of Colunga

In 2017, the foundation applied for the Colunga Strengthening Fund to design the First LEE program for fourth-grade students in municipal educational establishments in the Arica district, and they became one of the four winning organizations that will be supported by this fund. until 2020

They currently work in 7 regions, 22 communes and 76 schools. "First Lee has in his DNA to be replicated in any commune and region of the country. It has proven results. It is time to put ourselves into action as children can not wait any longer, "says Paula Cruzat, Executive Director of the foundation.

The main purpose of the Colunga Strengthening Fund is to support civil society organizations to implement improvements in the design and management of their programs in order to optimize standards, advance the quality of their projects and enhance the impact of their interventions.

Do you want to apply for the Strengthening Fund? The call is now open! Applications are until August 13, 2018. More information.

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