First generation LAB Colunga: "The Laboratory was interested in removing the most basic fiber of the project to generate changes"

December 13, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

After an intense year of work with the Colunga Social Innovation Laboratory, the winners of the Emprende El Viaje 2016 call made a reflection on this consolidation process.

During the year of learning they were able to deepen in Theory of Change, Models of Social Change, Models of Sustainability, Advocacy Strategies and Escalation with different leaders of social organizations.

"I think it's a support, a backup, a guarantee to have been in this process. Colunga arrived at a good time, if we had not had the Emprende El Viaje to the best our project would continue to be a volunteer and not as concrete as it is today "- Patricio Massardo, draft Deal Done Neighbor.

"Working with other groups that are in different projects helped me to open my way of looking and thinking, to see that there is much to be done and that we can continue to do much more together" - Elena Jerez, draft Free School: Children's society.

"It was like a blended course, where every month in the background you had to prepare yourself, evaluate your project, but also look inward and see what we are failing as an organization. We are absolutely grateful for this instance of learning because we felt that the Laboratory was interested in removing the most basic fiber of the project to generate changes "- Tanya Durán, draft Because I fell in love with you.  

"Having a fund or having the lucas to finance a project does not ensure that you can execute it. This kind of diploma, this process of acceleration, I value from that point of view. It was a full year of having the peace of mind knowing that you can finance what you are doing but above all you can learn to do it well "- Álvaro Covarrubias, draft Free School: Children's society.

"It has been a 100% enriching experience, which has helped us a lot to understand processes in order to continue growing and giving more shape to the project we have. The laboratory gave us tools that we did not know, it also helped us to deepen a lot even though there is still a tremendous journey ahead "-  María José Rojas, draft Deal Done Neighbor.

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