First Philanthropy Barometer in Chile

September 10, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

The research carried out by CEFIS UAI, with the support of Fundación Chile + Hoy, aims to relieve the value of philanthropic contributions to the strengthening of civil society and the construction of public goods. 

The study gathers the trends that exist in philanthropic contributions, of recent years, analyzing the participation of companies, philanthropic foundations and citizens, to contribute to different causes and civil society organizations. On the other hand, through the Philanthropy Development Index, it assesses the extent to which our ecosystem has the legal, economic and socio-cultural conditions to promote development.

Fundación Colunga actively participated in this Barometer, providing relevant information for the creation of this study.

The authors of this research were Magdalena Aninat, Director of the Center for Philanthropy and Social Investments and Rocío Vallespín, Research Coordinator CEFIS. 

Main findings about donors

-Among active donors, large companies, family foundations, and middle-aged citizens (35 to 54 years) predominate. 
-In the total number of donors registered by the SII there was a decrease of -1.7% between 2016 and 2017, with the participation of 58 thousand taxpayers who donate in the main legislation with incentives for donations.

Philanthropic foundations

“In the case of philanthropic foundations, it is a dynamic actor, with 22% of foundations created in the last five years. They are characterized by having a stable source of resources to operate their own programs and / or deliver donations to third parties, which allows them to project in the medium and long term, ”the study highlights.

The majority are identified as a family foundation (41%), while the rest is distributed equally between business and independent foundations with 29.5% each. Regarding the type of operation, only donor foundations are a minority (18%) and the foundations that operate their own programs predominate in percentage equivalence, with mixed foundations that combine the development of their own programs with donations to third parties, with 42% each a.

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