Questions and answers about the Colunga Strengthening Fund 2017

May 11, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

Ten days after finalizing the applications for the 2017 call for the Strengthening Fund of the Colunga Foundation, we gather the most common doubts that have arisen from the organizations interested in this opportunity. Here we answer them.

one-. How many years is the support of this fund?
The Strengthening Fund will support the winning organizations for up to three years.

two-. If you win, how long has the support of this fund started?
The support begins once the agreement with the organization is signed. In the month of July the winners will be known, and from that date the signature of this agreement will be coordinated.

3-. What items does the fund fund?
Everything depends on the specificity of the project presented, but the Strengthening Fund can finance the remuneration of the team associated with the intervention project; training of the team associated with the intervention project; evaluation and studies associated with the topic of intervention that provides relevant knowledge to the problem; technological and / or digital resources associated with improving the management of the intervention; and others relevant to social intervention, subject to the approval of the Colunga Foundation.

This fund does not finance infrastructure, administrative expenses or basic services.

4-. Which organizations can apply?
Are eligible or can apply organizations with a social intervention or social program in development, which has at least 3 years of implementation - either in Chile or Latin America, and in urban or rural territory - in the areas of poverty and / or education.

5-.If my organization has more than three years of operation, but the project I want to apply has less than three years of development. Can I apply for the Strengthening Fund?
To be admissible, the organization must have a social intervention or social program in development of at least three years.

6-. Is it necessary to have four years of operation to apply to the Fund?
Yes, it is a requirement. The years can be ascertained from the creation of statutes or from the date of issuance of the certificate of legal personality of the organization.

7- Should I have legal personality as a foundation, to apply to the strengthening fund?
You can also have legal personality as an organization or non-profit corporation.

8-. Can two organizations join to apply for this fund? What happens if one of them is constituted less than four years ago?
Yes, two organizations that have a common project can apply to this fund, if it has been developed for at least three years. 

9-. What is the minimum and maximum amount delivered by this fund?
There is no defined minimum, however, the Strengthening Fund provides up to 50 million pesos per year of support.

10-. What type of projects does the Strengthening Fund fund?
The Strengthening Fund finances projects that improve the quality of a social intervention in the community, through an innovation that may be associated with some strengthening of some organizational process. The innovation and strengthening that is done must impact the community, receiving a better service.

11-.In the selection criteria What is meant by the incorporation of second generation approaches?
Priority will be given to initiatives that present gender criteria, rights and participation approaches, in the design and implementation of their intervention and in the relationship with their target population. To see the other selection criteria click here (pages 5 and 6).

12-. In what currency can the budget be made?
In dollars or Chilean pesos.

13-. Who will evaluate the projects?
The Colunga Foundation team and technical advisors, recognized in the field of social innovation.

About the Strengthening Fund

The purpose of the Strengthening Fund is to promote an innovation project in organizations that strengthens the social intervention they carry out and improves the quality of the service they deliver. In previous years, this fund has benefited organizations such as Fútbol Más, Proyecto B, Fundación Portas, Panal and Fundación Loyola, among others.

Until May 20, applications for the Strengthening Fund will be received, and the requirements and bases in the next link and Postulate!
For more questions and / or questions write to us

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