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July 19, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

What kind of organizations can apply?

The call is aimed at civil society organizations that are developing projects with proven methodologies, aimed at overcoming poverty with an impact on Chile. These projects must have an intervention model and a team adjusted to the scope and scope of the project. Additionally, organizations must have a work route, of at least 3 years, within the scope of the project.

The following types of organizations may apply to this fund:

▪ Foundations or corporations that are incorporated in Chile as legal entities, non-profit and in force, with at least 3 years of incorporation.
▪ Community organizations that are incorporated in Chile as legal entities, non-profit and in force, with at least 3 years of incorporation.

Which institutions can not apply?

▪ For-profit legal entities, both civil and commercial, such as joint stock companies (SpA), individual limited liability companies (EIRL), closed or open corporations (SA), limited liability companies (Ltda.), Among others.
▪ Public and / or private universities.
▪ Technical Training Centers.
▪ Professional Institutes.
▪ Municipalities.
▪ Municipal Corporations.
▪ Public Services.
▪ Governations, Ministries or other Public Organizations.

What is a Functional Community Organization?

According to Law 19,480 the Functional Community Organizations are those with legal personality and non-profit, which are intended to represent and promote specific values and interests of the community within the territory of the commune or respective group of communes. They are organized and grouped according to common interests such as culture, the environment, recreation, etc.

How many years of legal constitution should the organization have to participate in the call?

The organizations that apply for the call must have at least three years of legal constitution, this requirement is accredited by the certificate of validity of the organization.

Next to the Application Form, what documents should I submit?

▪ Certificate of validity of the Legal Personality of the organization that applies.
▪ Letter of commitment to participate or collaborate with the project of organizations (universities, municipalities, companies, public or private programs, research centers, educational establishments) or relevant actors for the proposal. These letters must contain the individualization of the organization, signature of the legal representative and stamp of the organization

When does the reception of projects for the Fondo Fortalecimiento 2018 Call come to an end?

At 1:00 pm on Monday, August 13, 2018. (Late applications will not be accepted).

How much is the financing amount?

Between $ 60,000,000 (sixty million pesos) and $ 120,000,000 (one hundred and twenty million pesos) for projects whose duration is 2 to 3 years and its implementation has a co-financing logic. The amount to be allocated will be defined by the Colunga Foundation during the evaluation process of the proposal. It is important to point out that the proposals must include a model of economic sustainability that allows to project its development once the financing provided by Colunga has been completed.

What are the items you finance?

▪ Remuneration of the team associated with the project.
▪ Training of the team associated with the project.
▪ Technological and / or digital resources associated with the improvement of the management of the social change strategy proposed by the project.
▪ Inputs and materials associated with the execution of the project.
▪ Communication or marketing strategy framed in the sustainability of the project.
▪ Other relevant aspects for social intervention that are justified and coherent with the proposal presented.

What are the evaluation criteria?

Thematic lines defined for the Strengthening Fund: Protection of children's rights, improvements in the quality of education, new challenges of inclusion (migration and social reintegration).
Social innovation: It should consider innovation as a transversal axis, understanding this concept as the generation of value for society through the incorporation of improvements or new procedures to satisfy a social need, producing a favorable, scalable and sustainable change in the social system.  
Social inclusion: It must expand access to the structure of opportunities of the people who are its objective population through the improvement of the quality of the services provided.  

The expansion of opportunities for disadvantaged groups due to gender and ethnic inequalities is positively evaluated. 

Potential impact: It must clearly expose the ways to achieve the results expected by the project and to subsequently scale its impact.
Relevance of the proposed solution in relation to the identified problem: It must propose solutions aligned to the gaps or failures of the system where it operates. It must be explained in a consistent and based on evidence (conceptual and / or empirical) the relationship between the problem and the proposed innovation solution.
Sustainability: There is a horizon of continuity over time and it is socially and economically sustainable. It has a defined and differentiating value proposal.
Work team involved in the development of the project: The organization must present a team with experience, technical knowledge and management skills to meet the objectives proposed in your project. The institutions that present directories and teams of balanced in the gender of their members are evaluated positively.

What is meant by social innovation?

For Fundación Colunga, innovative social projects are those that aim to transform the social system of the communities where they operate. We understand Social Innovation as the generation of value for society through the incorporation of improvements or new ways of doing things to satisfy a social need in a better way than existing solutions, producing a favorable change in the social system, a scalable and sustainable impact, which promotes and strengthens the participation of the community itself.

What are the thematic lines of the Call for Strengthening Fund 2018?

The projects that are postulated must be aimed at overcoming poverty and vulnerability within the framework of any of the following themes:

Protection of children's rights:  ❏ Promotion of prevention and restitution of the rights of children and young people. ❏ Participation and social integration of children and young people.
Improvements in quality in education: ❏ Lessons learned in the classroom. ❏ Social emotional development, 21st century skills, STEAM skills (in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics).
New challenges of social inclusion: ❏ Migration. ❏ Social reintegration of persons deprived of liberty.

What are the differences between the national call and the Biobío call?

In the Biobío call, only organizations that have projects in execution in the Biobío region participate. Along with this, the selection process includes a step to improve the proposals.

Is coverage important (the number of beneficiaries or users) for this fund?

It is important that you have identified the target population involved in your project, but the emphasis is not on having a large coverage, that is, the important thing is not having a high number of beneficiaries. We recommend you to evaluate the number of beneficiaries with whom you are going to work to be able to do this learning process, to improve and strengthen your project.

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