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June 28, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

To improve the quality of the social programs that serve the vulnerable population, Colunga launches version 2018 of the Strengthening Fund. In this way, it seeks to support civil society organizations so that they can improve the quality of their initiatives.

The 2018 Strengthening Fund seeks to promote social projects of organizations with high potential and that have experience in working with people in situations of vulnerability, in different lines such as overcoming child poverty and the quality of education.

Who can apply? Foundations, corporations and community organizations, non-profit, with at least 3 years of incorporation in Chile. They must have a development or innovation project that strengthens the social intervention they carry out. Arturo Celedón, Executive Director of the Colunga Foundation, comments on this topic: "This fund works with organizations that are present in the field and have been able to prove the effectiveness of their proposals by supporting people in vulnerable situations."

The 2018 Strengthening Fund will support the selected ones through financing, accompaniment and training during the execution period of the proposed initiative. With this contribution, they can receive between 60 and 120 million, to improve the quality of the social project.

As Celedón adds: "For three years, the Strengthening Fund allows improving the quality of the projects, revising their designs, improving processes and amplifying the impact to deepen the contribution of the proposal in reducing poverty in our country."

This year, a special effort will be made to promote projects that take place in the VIII Region of Biobío, for which a special call has been opened - together with the University of Concepción - for this area.

In previous versions, social programs with innovative components have received the Strengthening Fund, highlighting Trust for Trust, Grow with All, Migrant Jesuit Service and Ciudad del Niño, among others.

Apply until August 13 in For inquiries you can write to the mail

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