Participate in Impacta Migraciones: Living in diversity

September 6, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

Impacta is an open competition for public innovation that connects and mobilizes entrepreneurs, civil society, academia and citizens in general, to seek the best solutions to public challenges.

In that sense, Impacta:

  • Open the State to private and citizen talent through priority public challenges.
  • It activates a diverse ecosystem of Chilean and foreign actors with innovative ideas.
  • Incuba solutions and transformations in prototypes with their validated business models.
  • Transforms into public policy of the Government the best solutions that adjust to the reality and restrictions of the given problem.

On September 3, 2018, the Government Laboratory, in conjunction with the Department of Immigration and Migration, launched "Impacta Migraciones: Convivir en Diversidad" which aims to identify and incubate solutions that address the following challenges:

  • Challenge 1: How can we empower and ensure meeting instances to know, respect and value ourselves among different cultures, groups and people?
  • Challenge 2: How can we promote and articulate networks that serve as a bridge of information - pertinent and of quality- so that migrants and their communities can access services and opportunities, both public and private?

Impacts Migrations It will support the creation of initiatives that promote a better coexistence that come from the citizens themselves and their organizations. Ideas that are scalable and replicable in other territories of the country and that have the user's gaze incorporated, that generate a public value, involving local communities, both at the level of articulation and generation of social capital, and at the level of improvement of the public infrastructure.

Pilot Implementation Communities:

Calama, Linares, San Antonio, Santiago, Renca and Quilicura.

Applications will be received until October 2, where it will be filtered and 40 teams will be chosen that will be part of the other stages of the contest.


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