"For a sustainable future, we have to work with all our values, patience and affection"

July 10, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

Director of Fifth Impact in Argentina, Rafael Kemelmajer He is an expert in providing technological solutions with a positive impact on society. Outstanding exponent of IS2030 International Seminar, invited us to fall in love with the problems to work effectively in compliance with the SDGs.

We talked with him about how the use of technological tools can help to build a more sustainable future and with an impact of higher levels.

What do you dream for 2030?

My dream for 2030 is that it is no longer a novelty that we have to work for inclusive and impact economies, if not something so logical and obvious that there is no other alternative. That this path seems super natural to us.

How can the creation of sustainable public policies contribute to quality education?

There are many ways in which public policies can contribute. The main thing is that we must understand that the State alone can not generate quality public education, but that it has to involve other actors, both private companies and organizations, and the families of those children to achieve this commitment.

How can the use of technological solutions have a positive impact on a community?

Today we find endless technologies that are impacting different communities of the world. The positive thing about these solutions is that the implementation costs are very low and, the more people use it, the lower they are. Therefore, they are tools that can be developed for a part of the population and be used for infinite, in all sides, making more people are impacted by these solutions.

What is your main proposal for a sustainable future?

To have a more sustainable future we have to work with all our values, patience and affection. In this way, we will be able to develop and have a better quality of life. The main thing is that we have all this as a basis to create a better community.

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