Pablo Handl holds workshops on Strategic Social Capital in ColungaHUB

November 4, 2016
Communications Colunga Foundation

Pablo Handl, co-founder of ImpactHUB of Sao Paulo, held the workshop "Activating networks to achieve our goals" at ColungaHUB, at the end of October, on the importance of the development of Social Capital, as it is a "key pillar for development" of a strategy of resilience and long-term sustainable growth for any enterprise ".

The open meeting was attended by members of ColungaHUB and the general public, interested in acquiring new tools to improve and enhance the networks of their organization.

"When we start a project, the least we have is economic capital, and what we have a lot is social capital, which are relations that we have been building. The idea of Social Capital is to show that all these relationships can be translated into economic capital, if we understand how this translation works, "said Pablo Handl at the meeting.

Practical Workshop with Innovators of Entrepreneurship

Pablo Handl also participated in the Emprende el Viaje learning workshops, called by the Colunga Foundation, which this year selected 30 teams with projects focused on transforming the reality of children, adolescents and young people.

This workshop had a more practical nature, since it gathered experiences, theoretical concepts and exercises that organizations can use in the management of their organization.

The teams worked on the strategic design of collaborations and alliances, to achieve shared objectives with other actors.

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