Organizations work on their communicational stories next to the Colunga Laboratory

July 6, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

Within the framework of the Consolidation program, the Social Innovation Laboratory of Colunga held an Impact Communication workshop with Fabián Schiaffino, Executive Director of Fundación Mapocho.

The objective of the instance was focused on helping the winning organizations of the Colunga Innovative Fund to build communicational stories that can inspire their target audiences.

Schiaffino stressed that social organizations and foundations have a lot of potential, since communication is much more genuine than that of a company or a brand, because it starts from the personal motivations and the transformation they want to generate in society. "The problem is that civil society has not understood how to articulate the story to connect well. There are many foundations, which are not clear about how they are communicating what they are doing. So, if they do not understand what they are doing and can not communicate well, they can not generate the transformation they want to generate, "the speaker reflected.

The Executive Director advises that when making a speech or story you should create a trip, a story that excites and maintains the interest of the public, "for that you must ask yourself what is the intrinsic motivation of your audience, what is it that the other Looking For". It is also important to consider the preconceived ideas that the receiver has, in order to better guide the public in the proposed trip.

In the next session of the program, organizations can present a new story of their organization, which contains the essence of what they do and allows them to connect with their target audience.

The Consolidation Program of the Colunga Social Innovation Laboratory aims to support undertakings selected by the Colunga Innovators Fund to improve the quality of their social interventions. The organizations currently supported are: Creando Curiosos Foundation, Itaca Foundation, Mapuche NGO NEWEN, Game Observatory, La Chimba Social Circus, ACTO Foundation and Huerta Huerta Organization.

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