Social organizations are trained on Theory of Change next to the ColungaHUB Laboratory

August 8, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

Within the framework of First day of Consolidation of the winners of Emprende el Viaje together with the ColungaHUB Laboratory, a workshop was held on Theory of Change open to civil society organizations.

The workshop was taught by Magdalena Valdés, Executive Director of J-PAL Lac, and was attended by more than 60 representatives of various social organizations in the country.

"The theory of change serves to visualize how, step by step, they will fulfill the purpose of their organization. It is a road map that tells us where we are going (results) and how we arrive (processes). It details all the implicit changes that have to take place between the activities of a program and its long-term objectives ", explained Magdalena Valdés.

Attendees were able to do a practical exercise, and present their own theories of change, as well as resolve doubts regarding this tool.

Some tips given by the Executive Director of J-PAL Lac, to create an effective Theory of Change are the following:

-Involving the entire team in its creation
-Do not confuse purpose with results
-Observe, measure and re-evaluate needs
-Differentiate, products, intermediate and final results
-Take actions on the assumptions and risks
-Create a Theory of measurable change
-Create a theory of simple change, which is revised and used

On this last point he placed special emphasis. "One of the things that makes a theory of change successful is its continuous revision because what changes the most is the needs of people. The theory of change only works if it becomes more flexible and is transformed ", concluded Magdalena Valdés. 

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