Social organizations learn sustainability strategies with the ColungaHUB Laboratory

October 5, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

Within the framework of the third day of the Consolidation Program for the winners of Emprende el Viaje, together with the ColungaHUB Laboratory, a workshop on sustainability was held for social organizations.

The talks were given by Hernán Elgueta, Executive Director of Socialab ONG and Gonzalo Ibarra, Founder and Executive Director of GIA Consultores, and were focused on the sustainability of social projects, and the preparation of projects to receive financing, respectively.

"Do not be afraid to charge for your value proposition. If they are afraid to cover the costs, generate a surplus to be able to create other types of projects, which are often projects that do fulfill these purposes but are often difficult to finance or iterate on new proposals, they will hardly grow. What I recommend in general is that you value your time well, the stage before implementation, implementation, post implementation and what happens next, "said Hernán Elgueta.

While Gonzalo Ibarra explained how social organizations can build their fundraising plan, and in that sense he stressed that the first step is to be known as an organization.

In addition, he emphasized the interconnection with different actors to achieve the desired objectives. "It is always good for you in the strategic development of the institution to see who are the people to whom you can turn, who have good contacts, who are linked to professional networks that can help them, for example, to set up a marketing or communications campaign". advised Gonzalo Ibarra.

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