Civil society organizations begin the preparation of their Social FECU 2017

March 29, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

In ColungaHUB, the first workshop to support the construction of this year's FECU was organized by the Community of Solidarity Organizations.

Four workshops will be held by the Community of Solidarity Organizations (COS), together with the PwC consultancy, to support the 160 organizations that have registered this year in the initiative that seeks to standardize the accountability of CSOs in Chile.

"The FECU is mainly a transparency tool but it is not just that, it is a strategic management tool as well, which allows us to look at our work, look at our organizations, and from there see what we are doing, how we are doing it and how we are seeing citizenship, to grow as an organization ", says Óscar Silva, Coordinator of the Social FECU of the COS.

Five years ago the Community of Solidarity Organizations started the project of the Social FECU, inspired by the Uniform Codified Statistics Sheet for open societies in Chile. For the organizations belonging to the COS, the creation of the FECU Social every year is mandatory, but this time more than 10 entities external to the COS have joined this initiative: Citizen Peace, Transparent Chile, House of Peace and Own Project , among other.

"Every day in Chile donors are becoming more informed donors, and what they want to review is not the marketing campaign - which is sometimes our memories - but to review the hard data, so, the Social FECU makes organizations have These data are available to them, "says Alejandra Pizarro, Executive Director of the COS.

The first workshop held on Tuesday, March 29 at ColungaHUB, covered a general view of this tool, while the following will focus on management information, projects and financial information. In each workshop the organizations complete the chapters that make up the Social FECU, so that the last day of the workshop can have the final report, for this, each entity is advised by a volunteer from the PwC consultant, who helps them see if the data of the financial section are congruent with each other.

For more information about the FECU Social, you can contact Óscar Silva:

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