Organizations of ColungaHUB were trained in Copyrights and Industrial Property

April 12, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

Learning about the types and uses of Intellectual Property Rights, was the objective of the talk given by Fundación Pro Bono and Carey Abogados at ColungaHUB.

Inquiring in detail the different legal dimensions of Intellectual Property, was how the talk facilitated by Bernardita Dittus Y Fernando García of Carey Abogados. The instance, aimed at civil society organizations, was organized by Pro Bono Foundation and the Colunga Innovation Laboratory.

The lawyers disaggregated Law 17,336 of Intellectual Property, where definitions such as copyright, industrial property and its different nuances are established, to clarify doubts about how to use, who protects and the limits of licenses that exist for the works with which the foundations work or produce.

The most recurrent concerns were around who owns the authorship of materials such as illustrations and texts when they are commissioned; when and how to make contracts of assignment or authorization of use of copyright; or in which situations it is necessary to register or renew a trademark application.

Fernando García, Carey Abogados.

In this, the importance of trademark or patent registration for commercial use was highlighted and to take advantage of the work that is done from identity and image to the creation of methodologies, projects or services. In this regard, the lawyer Fernando Garcia said: "In addition to avoiding certain confusions of belonging, it is relevant to use a brand because it is a seal of quality of the service that they are offering. Registering it is a way to protect the reputation of the organization against its beneficiaries. "

At this point, it was noted that trademark registration has a duration of 10 years with indefinite renewal, while patent registrations - which are useful for the registration of methodologies and packaged projects, for example - are valid for 20 years. 

Bernardita Dittus, Carey Abogados.

"Having knowledge of what rights and tools are available at the level of the national legal system in Intellectual Property, is necessary to motivate the innovation and valorization of the intellectual assets of the foundations and of all those who are working on projects that have an impact on social development ", highlights the lawyer Bernardita Dittus on the importance of integrating the work of civil society, the protection of copyright and industrial property.

The talk, which was attended by representatives of the foundations belonging to the Colunga network, had the objective of providing tools to catalyze the growth of organizations through the improvement of their teams and work tools.

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