ColungaHUB organizations are trained in a self-diagnostic workshop for management

December 4, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

The workshop was held together with the Simón de Cirene Corporation, with the support of the Innovation Laboratory of ColungaHUB.

With the aim of providing knowledge for self-diagnosis, the ColungaHUB Laboratory conducted a workshop for community organizations led by Carolina Hayler of the team of Simón de Cirene. "We do not come to teach how to improve the management but to install a process, we want you to have the questions that have to be asked, and what are the issues that should be reviewed at the moment you want to look at yourself and decide if you are managing your organization, "he said.

The workshop was born from the concerns of different organizations that wanted to obtain tools and knowledge to help them in the structure of their teams. "From the Laboratory we are constantly looking for tools that strengthen the work of organizations and thus improve their activities," he said. Gabriel Nesvara, coordinator of the ColungaHUB Laboratory.

For Carolina there are two relevant aspects that civil society should look at. "For us the most important thing is that the organization has a very clear and defined mission and that this mission is translated into services, and that the sum of them achieve that mission. The other recommendation is that social organizations have this role of existing to supply a need that is not covered, but we have a double role that is to go out to society to capture the resources to be able to deliver the service, so we recommend having the structure of people to be able to do these two functions well ".

The participating organizations valued the process:

"The workshop helped us a lot because it helped us generate this diagnosis, we had not had the time to sit down and see what we are failing, what is good, what we could improve and what we have to plan to be able to establish in the long term. In six more months we are going to meet again with ColungaHUB and Simón de Cirene and the idea is to evaluate the project again, "he said. Nicolás López of Fundación Interpreta.

While Adriana Camacho of America Solidaria put emphasis on the remaining challenges. "The workshops were super complete. We realized, when doing our self-evaluation, that although we have several aspects where we are very well, we also have many things to improve. I think that is the most important thing that leaves us, having had the opportunity to evaluate ourselves and return many times to the bases to remember that although we are growing we must always be going back to those beginnings to grow in a solid way. "

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