Organizations learn agile prototyping next to the Colunga Laboratory

October 19, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

More than 15 organizations participated in the agile prototyping workshop, organized by the Colunga Social Innovation Laboratory, to add innovation to their social programs.

Taller de prototipado ágil - Laboratorio Colunga

The activity was facilitated by Hernán Elgueta, Executive Director of Fab Lab Santiago, who stressed that the first thing to do when prototyping, is not to lose sight of the knowledge that communities have. "It is key that you know your beneficiaries, the communities with whom you want to work, understand the collaborators, because that allows for more focused and effective proposals." 

What is a prototype? It is "something" that simulates, represents and allows users to interact, experiment, analyze and use the proposed idea.

The prototype is made before the launch of the pilot of the initiative or social program, since it serves to:

-Preview the result of an idea.
-Generate common understanding.
-Obtain feedback.
-Quick and cheap fake.
-Refine a design.
-Evaluate patterns of behavior.
-Evaluate functionality.

What happens if your prototype does not have the expected result? "If it does not happen what you expect is very good, because you have a space of opportunity to understand why it did not happen. The prototype allows that, not considering absolutes. It gives a greater degree of flexibility, "says Hernán.

This workshop was held within the framework of Catalyzing Program of the Laboratory of Social Innovation of Colunga, which seeks the transfer and application of tools for innovation, advocacy and the approach of technologies that contribute to the development of skills in civil society organizations.

"Operating in the dynamics of a prototype injects innovation, because it allows to test, fail and learn quickly and at a low cost", explains Gabriel Nesvara, Coordinator of the Social Innovation Laboratory of Colunga.

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