NGOs are trained in ColungaHUB to access technological benefits

November 30, 2016
Communications Colunga Foundation

Wingu Argentina, together with Google Chile and the DonaTec program of the NGO CDI Chile, carried out training at ColungaHUB to bring technologies closer to civil society organizations.

Is there technology designed for non-profit organizations? Of course! Gabriela Rodríguez and Juan Pablo Ruiz from Wingu Argentina In ColungaHUB, they gave a talk so that NGOs can increase their impact radius, through the free publicity that Google has for them. "We want organizations to understand that technology can be an ally in their day to day and can help them enhance their mission, "says Gabriela.

In that sense, Google Ad Grants -the non-profit version of Google Ad Words- is a valid alternative for civil society organizations that do not have a budget for dissemination or technology programs.

How can they access these benefits? The program DonaTec of the NGO CDI Chile is responsible for being a bridge between technology companies and non-profit organizations, where, in addition to accessing Google Ad Grants, NGOs can purchase software at low cost, such as Adobe, Autodesk, Microsoft , among others.

During the workshop, Google Chile was present to explain in greater detail what Google means nonprofits for organizations, and participants were trained to know how to obtain their validation code in DonaTec.

"The validation means that you are a non-profit organization, that allows you to be part of the donation program. Once validated, your NGO can access different technologies at low cost, and what is finally paid is the administration fee to make this program sustainable globally, "says Marcia Galindo, Project Manager of the DonaTec program.

The workshop on Google and its free tools for NGOs was held in the offices of Fundación Colunga, on November 25, and was attended by more than 60 people belonging to non-profit organizations.


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