New Social Pact: "Agreement for Peace and a New Constitution"

November 18, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

Since New Social Pact we deeply value the “Agreement for Peace and a New Constitution” reached by the political parties in response to the demands expressed by the citizens, especially considering the historical fact that it will be the citizens themselves who will determine the need for a new Fundamental Charter, as well as the mechanism to carry it forward. 

Likewise, we call on citizens to continue discussing, informing themselves and actively participating in the transcendental democratic deed that the country will live in April and October 2020.

Recognizing this achievement, we hope that with the same will and haste, progress is made in the social, environmental and indigenous peoples' agenda to solve urgent and felt problems for our society. The pensioners, the income of the workers, the lagging territories, the strengthening of public education, the care of water and the environment and the comprehensive review of the health system, are issues that should not continue waiting, as well as the commitments of salary adjustment and restriction of re-election of our parliamentarians.

It is necessary that all the foregoing be carried out in parallel to the proper investigation, condemnation and reparation to the victims of violence and human rights violations that occurred in our country during this great citizen mobilization.  

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