# NoSóloEsFútbol: know the new expo of Sala Cable al Arte

October 11, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

In Sala Cable Al Arte of Fundación Colunga y Arte Urbano, the launching of the exhibition # NoSóloEsFútbol was held, photographic record of the project Football More Paraguay, which takes place in communities and neighborhoods of Asunción.

Inauguración expo #NoSóloEsFútbol en Sala Cable al Arte

The President of Fundación Colunga was present at the inauguration, Esperanza Cueto, the athlete Lucas Barrios, the Ambassador of Paraguay in Chile, Nimia Torres, the Executive Director of Fútbol Más, Víctor Gutiérrez, the Deputy Representative of UNDP in Chile, Marcela Ríos, the undersecretary of the Ministry of Sport, Kael Becerra and the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, Juan Carlos Silva.

The photographic exhibition brings together images taken by Cesia Ashmore and Mathias Melgarejo, and portrays Paraguayan children in their schools and neighborhoods, on the banks of the Paraguay River, an area that due to the constant floods lives in a context of vulnerability. Fútbol Más, a member organization of the Colunga Network, has managed to empower children and their parents to develop in them their capacity for resilience and community cohesion in the face of the adverse environment.

The exhibition shows how a tool as relevant as football allows to address issues such as the integration of diversity, gender equity, respect for the environment and the construction of sustainable communities, thus achieving an impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) ) from the ONU.

Visit the exhibition #NoSóloEsFútbol from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm in Sala Cable al Arte. Av. Bustamante # 26, Providencia. The sample will be throughout October.

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