Children and volunteers of Ve Global realize art festival in ColungaHuUB

November 3, 2016
Communications Colunga Foundation

3 NOVEMBER, 2016

Every year VE Global holds two festivals to celebrate the works of art that children and volunteers create together during the workshops, spaces that promote the development of creativity and the trust of children and young people.

In the workshops and the talent show that they presented at this second Festival 2016, called "Patterns Inside and Out", around 100 children, adolescents and young people participated in the homes, schools and community centers with which VE Global works, in addition to 35 volunteers of the program.

For Felicity Jeyes, Program Director of the organization, this initiative helps children and young people to express themselves, but it is also a space where they can choose what they want to do "the children we work with do not have many options to choose things in their life, and here all the workshops they do are selected by them. This is a first step, so that in the future they can make decisions for themselves, "says Felicity.

The art exhibit exhibited mandalas made with wool and wood, as well as diverse paintings in style, color and texture. The talent show was inaugurated with a number prepared by VE Global volunteers, who danced the Spice Girls song "Wannabe", to encourage children and young people to show their skills and have confidence in themselves.

Among the prizes won, free passes were given to visit Kidzania, the cinema, to know the Audiovisual Interactive Museum, and even a coexistence was organized so that the teenage mothers of Hogar Refugio de la Misericordia have a space and time for them.

The closure was made by a choir of children and children of the Domingo Savio Community Center, who have participated in VE Global music workshops since the beginning of the year. The next art festival will be held in April 2017 and will have a different theme.


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